July 1925 - December 1970


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March 2014 Underbody and Frame Done

12/20/2011-Front Bumper On

11/4/2011- Priming the Hood

11/3/2011 Topcoat Phase1

10/18/2011- Moving to location for painting

9/20/2011- The sanding continues

8/3/2011 Fuel Tank and Skid-plate Installed

8/2/11 Trunk Floor in Place

8/1/2011 Battery Holder In Place

7/14/2011- Rocker panels In and trunk floor out

7/12/2011 A/C Compressor Installed

7/6/2011 Floor Repair Complete /Rust Damage to DS Rocker

7/6/2010-Driver's Side Rocker Panel Progress

6/21/2011 PS Rocker Panel brazed in place

6/14/2011- My Assistant in floor repair

6/14/2011 Rocker Panel Fitted...Finally

5/03/2011- Began removing Passenger side rocker panel


5/2/2011- Doors off, rear fenders off, rear bumper off-out in the sun with Becky

4/21/2011 Radiator support, radiator, fan shroud and brake hoses on

Third Restoration Begins- January, 2011

Fenders Off- 2/8/2011

Checker Assembly Line-1973



First Meeting-Inkster, ND March, 1984

Restoration Complete-April 1984


Second Restoration-New Paint-trunk panel and front fenders- June, 1990


The Checker Loaded with 40 Middle School Students


The Checker Tours in Wisconsin


Third Repaint Complete - Move to Pinole 7/8/2013



Fourth Restoration begins-7/8/2013- See Checker Log